Green Solutions

Elmton Services provide Green Energy Solutions and Services that realise our clients’ visions and bespoke requirements while sustaining the built environment as each client has different requirements and each site is different, this is mainly to assist our clients in Lowering their Carbon footprints and Lowering  Running and Maintenance costs for Commercial, Industrial, Domestic properties and Agricultural businesses across the UK.

We do this by delivering all aspects of Design, Monitoring, Installation, Management and Project Management services as well as Sustainability and Energy Consultancy Services.

We offer a wide array of Green Energy Technology, Services and Solutions to assist our clients in reducing their carbon Footprint and reduce their running costs which in return helps reduce their impact on the environment with installing the most up to date Green energy Plant, Equipment and monitoring. We also offer Surveying, Usage/Load monitoring,  and recommendation services to ascertain and assist our clients in what will help reduce their Carbon Footprint and reduce their running costs.

We have a reputation that attracts a diverse customer base from Domestic installations to Commercial installations and our in house Team assist us in making the difference with our experience and technical knowledge to design, supply and installations of bespoke Renewable and Green systems, Monitoring and management.

Assessment and Management

  • Energy Surveys and Reports – Electric, Gas and Water
  • Load Analysis and Reports – Electric, Gas and Water
  • Smart metering and Off Site Monitoring – Electric, Gas and Water
  • Energy Management Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Sustainability and Energy Consultancy Services


Energy Saving

  • LED Lighting
  • Lighting Controls – Daylight sensors, PIR switching, Microwave Sensors, Last Man out Switches
  • Smart Switching – Lighting, Mechanical Plant, Mechanical Heating, Electric Heating  
  • Voltage Optimisation
  • BMS – Building Management Systems


  • Biomass Boiler Systems
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Battery Storage
  • Ground Source Heat Pump Systems
  • Wind Turbines